Cash incentives for doctors to make MK their home

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital

Taxpayers’ money could be used to persuade young doctors and teachers to train in MK – and keep them here for at least five years.

A worrying shortage of GPs has prompted calls for a “radical solution” to the problem – by offering attractive incentives.

On Monday, Councillor Sam Crooks will ask the council to consider paying off student debt, create prupose-built accomodation and provide affordable housing for qualified medics and teachers who commit to working in MK for five years.

Mr Crooks said: “If we can train more young doctors and teachers locally, then they are more likely to stay here after they qualify.

“The council must act to make this happen.”

With fewer training posts being filled nationally, and more GPs planning to retire early, there is a shortage of doctors across the country.

Last year alone there were almost 3,000 doctors brought in from overseas to help mitigate the recruitment crisis.

In Milton Keynes, one third of newly recruited doctors were not from the UK.

Mr Crooks believes that by providing incentives to students, they will choose to make roots in MK and solve pressures on the city hospital.

His proposals will be presented to cabinet on Monday evening.