Cashless parking scheme to be extended

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A council cashless parking service is being extended to cover all parking spaces owned by Milton Keynes Council from Monday.

The scheme will cover all standard rate parking bays after paying by mobile phone and the internet has continued to grow in popularity over the two and a half years it has operated solely on premium and long stay parking bays.

The cashless service is an alternative to pay and display or for the purchase of virtual daily parking slots that allow people that work in Central Milton Keynes a 50 per cent discount on daily parking fees.

Employees will need to have their employment status verified by MKC before they pre-register for this mobile payment service run by RingGo.

Then motorists will have a year’s worth of parking slots allotted on a pay as you use basis.

There is no additional charge per transaction for pre-registered employees using this facility but there is an additional service fee of 18p per transaction when using the cashless service as an alternative to pay and display.

Sara Bailey, parking strategy and implementation manager for Milton Keynes Council, said: “Providing services digitally, on-line and through phones, offers substantial benefits, not just for the council, but also the community.

“With so many people happy to operate on-line, it’s easy to see how services such as RingGo parking and on-line employee permits can increase efficiency and reduce costs by thousands of pounds.

“As a council, we save time and money in the physical production and distribution of scratch cards.

“Motorists benefit from being able to pay for their parking how and when they like. There’s no longer a need to store up coins, visit the parking shop, or order scratch cards in advance. It’s a win:win situation for everyone.”

To register for the service or for more information go to the website