Cassandra Paintshark’s tale...

Paintshark cover
Paintshark cover

THE debut novel from new city based fella Kingsley Pilgrim is in stores now.

The teenage fantasy has been ‘fashioned with a lot of Greek mythology, and infused with a modern day twist,’ according to the man responsible.

Here’s the all important synopsis: ‘In a parallel universe, Earth has seen many changes. The city’s economy is in tatters, with television broadcasters ruling.

‘The most powerful of these is the maniacal Big Man, whose ultra violent programme Game Show is the most popular to watch, but as ratings suddenly start to slide, Big Man shuts down the schools and kidnaps students –forcing them to fight in barbaric gladiatorial games.

‘However, kidnapping gifted student Cassandra Paintshark may be his biggest mistake.

Cassandra has a special power, which she uses to take down Big Man’s tyrannical regime once and for all.’

Waterstone’s have already put their weight behind the book – the Midsummer Place branch is stocking copies.