Cat goes shopping on a motorised unicycle in Milton Keynes

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The cat is out of the bag for Airkix skydiving boss Andy Godwin, who has found the purr-fect way to keep his cat feline fine – by whizzing along on a motorised air wheel.

Speed freak moggie Jellybean loves the new craze so much that Andy can’t leave his Wolverton home without her.

“She comes everywhere with me on the wheel and she purrs the whole time we’re going along.”

“The faster I go, the louder she purrs. She’s a real daredevil and a speed freak.

“I don’t know where she gets it from,” said Andy, who is entering the world freestyle skydiving championships this month.

He ordered the air wheel, which is similar to a motorised unicycle, from China as a fun way to keep fit. Now all the CMK Airkix team are air wheel crazy too.

“It’s a great way of improving your balance, which is vital for skydiving,” he said.

When Andy first tried out the 8mph wheel at home he noticed three-year-old tabby Jellybean was meowing and running behind him.

“She kept doing it every time I got on the air wheel. In the end I lifted her up and let her ride with me. Immediately she stopped meowing and was happy. It was obviously what she wanted.”

Now the pair are a regular sight around town and even go to the shops together.

“People looked a bit surprised at first to see a man on a wheel holding a cat. But I think they’re used to it now,” said Andy, who is 46.

You can watch a video of Andy and Jellybean out on one of their jaunts on