Catch this yellow peril car prankster

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A YELLOW peril prankster has been cruising around Milton Keynes spraying parked cars with bright lemon paint.

And when the citrine criminal gets bored with the city he travels further afield – to 20 other towns within a 50 mile radius.

In less than three weeks the same bizarre offender has sprayed a whopping 141 parked cars and vans with his favourite colour scheme, say police.

They are now seeing red over the crimes, which were all reported between March 12 and March 31.

Northants Inspector James Pearson said: “This series of criminal damage is an act of mindless vandalism and we are working hard to bring the offender or offenders to justice.”

He added: “We believe the offender may be spraying the cars from the road as they pass by the parked cars in their own vehicle.”

All the spray attacks have happened late at night and yellow has been the only colour used.

Usually the culprit aims a line of paint along the side of the car.

Thames Valley’s PC Samantha Hall said: “The nature of the offences has led us to believe that all of these incidents are connected.”

Police are now appealing for anybody who thinks they know the identity of the phantom sprayer to help them catch him yellow-handed.

One clue may be prolific purchases of yellow spray paint.

Said PC Hall: “I believe that someone out there must be able to provide us with some information about who is responsible for this criminal damage and I would urge them to come forward and speak to us as soon as possible.”

Anybody who can help should call the 24-hour police inquiry line on 101.

If you prefer to be anonymous, contact the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.