‘Catwoman’ foiled in roof-scaling bid to win back kids in Milton Keynes

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A young mum who once rubbed shoulders with the Prime Minister has dressed as Catwoman to climb a city building as a parental rights activist.

The 23-year-old launched her attack on the Cafcass offices in Oldbrook to protest on behalf of the New Fathers 4 Justice campaign.

Identifying herself only as Catwoman MK, she claimed Cafcass court advisory officers had been directly responsible for the loss of her two small children through the Family Court system.

“My daughter is six and my son is four. I am only allowed to see my daughter twice a year and I visit my son every two weeks,” she said.

“I will fight to the bitter end to get my children back with me where they belong.

“I know lots of MPs and politicians because I used to live in the same street as Dominic Grieve when I was a child and I went to school with his boys. I knew David Cameron way before he was Prime Minister. He’s a nice guy but I disagree with the government stance on family law.”

The Catwoman climb, which was interrupted early on by police officers, is one in a series of protests by the determined mum.

Over Christmas she spent seven weeks camping out in a tent at the entrance to David Cameron’s Oxfordshire home, dressing each day in a different super hero costume.

“The first day he came outside he greeted me by name and asked what on earth I was doing there. After that he said good morning or good afternoon every time he came out.

“He’s a very pleasant man but I think he’s weak. He needs to listen to what New Fathers 4 Justice are saying.

Catwoman MK, who also knows Boris Johnson, believe Cafcass officers have too much power.

She said: “In my case the social workers were supportive about me keeping my children but Cafcass were anti. And the court chose to go with their opinion.

“I know dads who have never even met the Cafcass representative who has decided the future of their children.

“Yet if we want to challenge their decision we have to spend tens of thousands going through the High Court.”

Between planning her own court battle as litigant in person, Catwoman is already plotting more stunts in her superhero costumes.

“I have a lot more naughty ideas – and I’m determined to carry them out. Next time police won’t stop me,” she said.