Celtic class

The Tannahill Weavers
The Tannahill Weavers

THE Song Loft has pulled off a coup and a half with the arrival tomorrow evening, of Scotland’s Tannahill Weavers.

The Celtic aces have versatility as a middle name, and can roll from fire-driven instrumentals to topical songs and original ballads and lullabies.

A Tannahill performance is a walk through history in sound, and whether you want to lose yourself in a foot stomping reel or soak up the beauty of a reflective ballad, this quartet will see you well catered for.

The Tannies have a terrific reputation that has reached out internationally, and is reflected not only by their terrific fan base, but also by the media at large: ‘An especially eloquent mixture of the old and the new,’ penned a scribe with the New York Times.

And what about Mojo Magazine?

‘...world class musicians with passion and a healthy sense of fun, keeping alive and making accessible the very heart of the tradition itself.’

Supporting at this tidy show will be St Albans band, Na-Mara.

Tickets will be on sale at £12 on the door, or drop an email to songloft@gmail.com

Show time is 8.15pm.