Central casino a ‘threat to homes’

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A CASINO in Central Milton Keynes could cause havoc for residents, according to a local action group.

Xplain is launching its new ‘Don’t Gamble with Milton Keynes’ campaign to voice concerns over the planned casino application from Xscape.

The plans for a 24-hour gaming venue are set to be heard by the council on Tuesday July 5, where applicants and objectors will voice their opinions.

Xplain’s key objections to the casino in Central Milton Keynes include the number of houses in the vicinity of the proposal, and the extra disruption it would cause having a 24-hour casino on the doorstep.

Also, there are fears it could increase the amount of crime in the area.

Linda Inoki, leader of Xplain, said: “In Niagara Falls, for example, gambling rates rose four-fold in the local population after a large casino opened aimed at tourists.

“Experts are warning that middle-class people, young, unemployed men, and women in general are increasingly at risk from gambling.

“And yet Xscape wants to open a 24/7 casino, full of addictive slot machines and roulette tables, within minutes of thousands of homes.”

The group is not entirely against having a casino in Milton Keynes, but urges the council to think carefully about the right location for it.

Mrs Inoki added: “The message to MK Council is ‘Don’t Gamble with Milton Keynes!’

“Let’s put this casino in a non-residential area, such as the football stadium in Denbigh, where the time and effort needed to reach it will reduce the risk of impulsive and addictive gambling.”