Cerebral palsy sufferer does sponsored silence

Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards

A 24-year-old living with cerebral palsy and restricted sight decided not to say a single word for seven days in order to raise money for Breast Cancer UK.

Nathan Edwards, who lives at Sanctuary Supported Living in Hendrix Drive, Milton Keynes, used the power of silence to send a strong message to the public - and managed to raise £170 by doing so.

Nathan said: “I love helping people; I always put other people before myself. My main goal in life is to put a smile on people’s faces; that’s what I strive for everyday.

“I wanted to make everyone aware that there are people out there suffering and we need to help.

“I had family members who had cancer so I wanted to give something back.

“It was a spur of the moment idea; all the staff looked at me in shock. I thought it would be really difficult, mentally, to not speak when there are a lot of people around you, but it was really easy. 
“I just zoned out and was very quiet.”

A spokesman for Sanctuary Supported Living said: “He decided to sacrifice seven days of his social life, forgot his normally chatty nature and restrained himself from talking in order to raise money for Breast Cancer UK charity.

“No planning preceded, it was all actually very spontaneous. Nathan started with nothing but a laminated sign around his neck explaining what charity he is supporting and little money box which he uses to collect money. Nathan himself suffers from serious medical conditions including cerebral palsy and restricted sight which is one of the reasons why he lives in Sanctuary Supported Living.

“However, Nathan would not let his disabilities stop him from helping others and searching for his place in life.

“Nathan raised £170 and by all means he could be a role model for most us. Nathan’s support staff at Sanctuary already notified Breast Cancer UK and the charity promised to send Nathan an official fundraising kit which includes T shirt with charity logo and plastic container for collecting donations.”