In the chair to lose their hair

Two members of CNWL's Bucks Priority Dental Service have had their flowing locks cut off for a children's charity.

Saturday, 19th March 2016, 8:00 am
Aiysha Kanji and Samantha Burke after their haircut

Dental officer Aiysha Kanji, aged 25, and lead dental nurse Samantha Burke, aged 31, are between them donating about half a metre of their hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

The dental duo faced the chop after work at the Eaglestone Health Centre on March 4, at the hands of Samantha’s hairdresser.

They decided to undertake this radical change after reading about the work of the charity, which led to Samantha thinking about her own young daughter.

Aiysha Kanji and Samantha Burke before their haircut

Lead dental nurse Samantha said: “As we all know, hair loss is one side effect of cancer treatment and this can have psychological impacts. We want to help little boys and girls find the courage to continue in their fight against cancer and to gain some happiness in their lives. Donating our locks will go some way towards helping a little boy or girl find the strength to face the world.”

Aiysha and Samantha have also raised £585 in sponsorship for the Little Princess Trust. See

Aiysha Kanji and Samantha Burke before their haircut