Chancellor ‘Panik’ buys from city store

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A company that supplied Apple founder Steve Jobs with his personal TELEPHONE handset has achieved another coup – by helping furnish Whitehall.

Chancellor George Osborne spent more than £1,000 on designer furniture from Kiln Farm based Panik Designs.

Owner Paul Overton, who started out as a barrow boy in the city centre 12 years ago, is sworn to secrecy about what product the Chancellor chose.

“All I can say is that it’s an iconic product of 1980s design and I’m sure it will look really good in Whitehall,” he told the Citizen.

Mr Jobs and Mr Osborne are just two names in a long and impressive list of clients built up by Panik over the past few years.

It supplied the ‘Mr Impossible’ chair to the X Factor, the Diva Stools to the Big Brother house, furniture for James Bond film-sets and an array of goodies to celebrities.

Said 49-year-old Paul: “I source our products from all over the world and we always have a unique range in stock.

“I never dreamed we would be ever be supplying the rich and famous. I didn’t set out to do it – it just happened.

“I just have a passion for design, especially Swedish and Danish products, and our things just seem to appeal to people because they are different.”

Paul, who named his company after himself, his wife Nic and their son Kai, sells products ranging from a £3 spoon to a £100,000 plus Swarovski crystal-studded sofa.

The goods are all on display in his design studio within the Carters Lane warehouse.

The phone handset snapped up by Apple’s Steve Jobs cost just £132, he said.

“I couldn’t believe it when his personal assistant called and said he wanted to buy it. He said Mr Jobs wanted it as a landline phone for his private house.

“I’ve heard of selling sand to the Arabs but I think selling a phone to the iconic Steve Jobs must beat even that!”