Chancellor’s budget ‘fails Milton Keynes’ claims council leader

Budget main points
Budget main points

The leader of MK Council says the Chancellor’s budget “fails” Milton Keynes.

Councillor Pete Marland hit out at George Osborne, claiming that despite the “painful” cuts, the promise of a better standard of living simply has never been achieved.

He said: After six years as Chancellor, his deep austerity cuts have failed to build an economy that is fair, failed public services, and failed to even deliver on his own promises to cut Government debt.

“Worst of all he has failed to deliver almost anything that helps Milton Keynes.

“He has failed with any real measures to tackle the housing crisis, failed to promote long term growth and failed to offer any hope to anyone but those who already have the most.”

In a stark contrast to Mr Marland’s views, the boss of MK Chamber of Commerce praised the Chancellor’s “workmanlike” budget.

It follows Mr Osborne’s plans for a new lifetime ISA, a £7billion tax cut for shopkeepers, fuel duty to be frozen for the sixth year and a new sugar tax introduced.

Chief executive Paul Griffiths said: “Business wanted a steady, workmanlike Budget, and that’s what we got.  The Chancellor listened to our calls to avoid higher business taxes and costs – and indeed moved to lower them in a number of areas.

“He has finally taken real action to lessen the crushing burden of business rates, and sharpened incentives for entrepreneurship and investment.

“While his commitments to key business infrastructure projects are positive, the Chancellor must ensure that they move from the drawing board to speedy construction on the ground. In a softening economy, the combination of sustained infrastructure investment and lower business taxes is important to maintaining the confidence of firms across the country.”