Change policy or we will sue

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THE council is facing an ultimatum – change your planning policy on wind farms or we’ll sue.

RWE npower renewables has written to Milton Keynes Council urging it to remove a recently agreed policy to change the minimum distance the giant turbines can be built to homes to 1.2km.

As first revealed by this news paper in July, npower threatened to sue the council over the policy. And the German company has written to the administration twice since, warning that unless the policy is overturned, it could proceed with legal action.

Wayne Cranstone, RWE’s Onshore Development and Projects Director said: “We agree and support policies that advocate responsibly and sensibly located developments. In this case though we believe Milton Keynes Council has sought to make a significant change to policy without going through the appropriate consultation and scrutiny necessary.

“We are concerned that a planning policy that is contrary to national guidance and has not been through the correct statutory process could mislead local councillors and communities.

“We have tried several times to communicate our concerns with Milton Keynes Council, both as part of their own consultation process on the draft policy and by writing to the council.

“In our latest correspondence we’ve advised again that we believe the policy is flawed and asked for it to be withdrawn. Unfortunately, we may be in a position that there is no further alternative but to challenge it within the High Courts at Judicial Review. This is also the advice from senior legal counsel.”

The council said it would be ‘inappropriate’ to comment.