Changes could ‘wipe majority’

Iain Stewart
Iain Stewart

IAIN Stewart is urging his constituents to write to the government to get it to reconsider boundary changes which could see Bletchley paired with Buckingham.

The MP for Milton Keynes South looks set to lose a substantial amount of his constituency should the proposed changes come into force.

As well as Bletchley and Fenny Stratford, Mr Stewart would lose Walton Park and Danesborough to Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster, but would gain Bradwell and Campbell Park.

Mr Stewart said: “All these changes more or less wipe out my majority. Although it is inevitable that some areas of Milton Keynes will have to be paired with Buckingham, I think the proposals are overly disruptive and, in particular, it is wrong to remove Bletchley and Fenny Stratford.

“It is the second centre of Milton Keynes and contains many important amenities and services, like the police station, railway station, football stadium, Bletchley Park etc.”

To submit a response to the proposed changes, visit