Changes to the health bill welcomed by local GPs

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GOVERNMENT plans to change the health care bill have been welcomed by a local clinical consortium.

Premier MK, which represents 13 of the 28 GP practices in Milton Keynes, is keen to work closely with other health professionals so that they can have an input into how NHS money should be spent for local people.

The group already has have a nurse on its board and is keen to ensure more health professionals, such as hospital doctors, work with them to design and buy services for the future.

Dr Darren Moore, a GP at Milton Keynes Village Practice and the chairman of Premier MK, said: “Although the Government has given GPs longer to take over their responsibilities should they wish, we are confident that as a consortia, which has successfully secured pathfinder status, we have the commitment from our members and the support of our patients and the Primary Care Trust to press ahead with taking over the responsibility for commissioning local services and tackling the financial pressures the service faces.

“We’re ready to lead the way, modernise the NHS and above all improve the quality of the care our patients receive.”