Chaos on parish council in Milton Keynes after almost all its members resign

A parish council serving 10,000 citizens in Milton Keynes has been left with just one active member after most of his colleagues have resigned in protest over his alleged behaviour.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 5:18 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 5:23 pm

Kents Hill and Monkston council has £178,000 unspent cash in the bank doing “absolutely nothing” for taxpayers, residents have complained.

The single remaining councillor, apart from one working abroad, is Vikas Chandra, who stood for Labour in this year’s borough elections.

Mr Chandra has been accused of embarking upon a “destructive agenda” by the recently-resigned parish chairman Jaime Tamagnini.

Kents Hill and Monkston council is in something of a crisis

“He has acted in a harassing and bullying manner towards other parish councillors and members of staff,” wrote Mr Tamagnini in his public resignation statement.

The letter claims: “Former councillor Peter Laws and myself have been trying to desperately keep things going but feel that we cannot continue. We have no power to remove Vikas Chandra from post...He has no capacity for self-criticism and cannot see how the way he treats others affects their mental health.”

Mr Chandra, who is also accused of “publicly humiliating” the former parish clerk, denies he has done anything wrong.- and blames his former colleagues.

He said: “My behaviour has always been professional and there is proof of that in emails and audio recordings, unlike the behaviour of other councillors who can be heard calling me names in one of those recordings.”Milton Keynes Council has been informed of the collapse of the parish council and have been urged to start elections to recruit new members as soon as possible,

Meanwhile former chair Mr Tamagnini is pressing for Mr Chandra to hand in his resignation.

One resident told the Citizen: “We want our parish council functioning again, carrying out legal and discretionary spending powers for the benefit of all households.”


Mr Chandra has been accused of embarking upon a destructive agenda