Charity asks you to Swap, Save and Send during Lent

CITY based charity Toybox has launched a new fundraising initiative which it hopes will bring in vital funds for street children in Latin America.

The Lent driven initiative asks people to swap something of a higher value with something a little less pricey, save the difference and send it to support the street children.

standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

Stephen Thorn, director of marketing and fundraising at the charity, said: “It’s a really simple and straight forward idea.

“Instead of taking the family out for a meal, simply pick up a take away save the difference and donate to the work of Toybox.”

The scheme promotes lots of ways in which you can get involved, from swapping a car journey for riding a bike or swapping an outing to the cinema for a DVD at home.

“Normally Lent is all about giving things up but this idea is to simply ask people to make a conscious decision to change something and save money during this time,” said Stephen

Toybox has calculated on average a family will save £22 by renting a DVD instead of going to the cinema which is enough to fund a street worker in Latin America for a whole day.

The charity hopes that the public will find the scheme really fun and rewarding. By asking people to swap something rather than make a straight donation, the scheme allows you to be creative, resourceful and charitable at the same time.

For those after a greater challenge the charity is looking for people to swap their Spring Bank Holiday for a Coast to Coast cycle ride to raise money for the street children. Full details can be found at