Charity promoting ‘women and work’ relaunches with new name

mpmc Mayor Brian White and Dr AnnLimb
mpmc Mayor Brian White and Dr AnnLimb

A charity which promotes women and work in Milton Keynes was relaunched with a new name on Wednesday.

‘Women and Work’ has served women in Milton Keynes for 35 years supporting people to gain skills, confidence and work.

The ‘new’ charity ‘Works for Us’, is taking that experience and expertise and expanding the range of people it can support with a particular focus on working with young people.

The launch was supported by the Mayor, Councillor Brian White, and Dr Ann Limb the patron of Works for Us.

Works for Us has become one of the first organisations in Milton Keynes to become an accredited Living Wage Employer. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost living in the UK.

The Living Wage campaign has been running for ten years and has lifted more than 45,000 people out of poverty.

Niz Smith, of Works for Us, said: “We felt it was appropriate to register as a Living Wage employer. As a charity that supports people into work we are aware that if a high proportion of our clients gain work that pays below the Living wage they will come off of benefits but remain in poverty.

“While we would be the first to say that work is not just about income but is also about self-respect and being part of the community it should also be a route out of poverty.”