Charity’s new online venture

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OXFAM is getting set to launch a brand new online venture that will be based in the city.

At full capacity the site will offer 50,000 donated clothing and 160,000 donated book items for sale through Oxfam’s Online Shop at and a range of other E-commerce channels.

The new venture is set to be based at Milton Point in Wymbush and it is so large that it is expected to attract around 200 new volunteers.

Milton Keynes is thought to be one of the largest towns in the UK not to have a substantial Oxfam presence and now the charity is looking to embed themselves in the local community.

That means they will be looking to include local people who can volunteer within the operation. The charity has a number of roles available to people to get involved including books and clothing sorters and listers, as well as photographers and dispatch workers.

The new site is set to be up and running by June 2 and on the day there will be a special celebration including Trading Director, David McCullogh and Head of Retail Sarah Farquhar.