Charity shave for the love of mother-in-law

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A caring husband made a dream come true for his dying mother-in-law – by shaving off the long hair and beard she detested.

Richard Beattie went totally bald on Friday, raising more than £2,000 for Worldwide Cancer Research charity.

His mum-in-law Joan watched the mammoth shave live on FaceTime from hospital.

Sadly her battle against cancer ended two days later, and this week her devastated family are arranging her funeral.

“I’m glad I made her happy by shaving off my beard,” said 38-year-old Richard. “Joan always hated it, and when she saw me without it she had the biggest smile ever on her face.”

Now he has pledged to do a sponsored charity stunt every year in memory of Joan.

Meanwhile, grateful officials from Worldwide Cancer Research have invited him and his family to tour a laboratory to see how his money will be spent.

“I am so pleased I have raised all money just so hopefully no other family doesn’t have to go through the pain we have gone through.”