Check how long you will live - according to WHERE you live in MK

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An insight into the life, health and affluence of everybody living in Milton Keynes has been published this week in a gripping 146 page report.

The Milton Keynes Social Atlas 2013 gives details of everything from life expectancy to neighbourhood complaints in every ward of the city.

It compares them to the national average and average for South East England.

The report shows the healthiest place to live is Middleton ward, where people born there can expect to reach the grand old age of 86.4 years.

But people born in Woughton can expect to live 11 years less, with an average live expectancy of 75.4.

The worst place for neighbourhood complaints is Campbell Park ward, while the lowest numbers of single or disadvantaged parents are Olney, Newport Pagnell and Danesborough wards.

Once again Woughton and Eaton Manor wards were found to be the most socially deprived with more than a third of children being raised in low income families.

The conclusion of the Milton Keynes council published report from Director of Strategy Geoff Snelsdon is that MK as a whole is “reasonably affluent” and people enjoy a good quality of life.

But Mr Snelsdon adds: “Significant numbers of residents experience disadvantage in one or more categories.”

There will be a full report in Thursday’s Citizen but meanwhile to view read the document for yourself, click on this link.