Check the Chip to make sure your furry friends are not lost

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A VET in Newport Pagnell is urging more people to not only get their pets chipped but to also keep details updated.

The advice comes in the wake of the Citizen’s story last week about a Shetland pony which was found wandering near a busy grid road.

Fortunately the pony has been reunited with its owners but while it was chipped the information was out of date.

Dawn Kent, practice manager at Willow Veterinary Care, said she was delighted that many people had their pets chipped, but was equally heartbroken when those details turned out to be wrong.

She said: “The Check the Chip campaign is calling on owners to change their details where appropriate. If you don’t the chip is worthless.

“The chips we implant into pets are traced back to us as well and we often keep records of owners if they have moved house. When a person calls it is the best feeling because someone has cared enough to chip their pet, but your heart sinks when the records aren’t up to date.”

However, a new service set up by the practice on Facebook allows people to post information about lost, found or stolen pets.

Dawn added: “We had the main page but the lost or stolen announcements were getting lost with all the other regular ones. So we set up the new one and I am amazed at how quickly news can spread.

“With the pony, we put something online, it was shared by another user and someone who saw that then called the owner. It is amazing.”