Chef forgiven for making lewd calls

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A Harrods chef pleaded guilty to making sexually explicit calls to female colleagues – then renewed his wedding vows with his wife.

Robert Perez has been forgiven by his pregnant wife and they are living happily together at their Bletchley flat, a court heard.

This week the 31-year-old was given a three-year supervision order and warned he would face prison if there was any similar bad behaviour.

He admitted five counts of stalking involving serious harm or distress.

All the victims were colleagues at Harrods and Perez obtained their numbers from the company’s notice boards.

He called the females and made lewd comments, referring to each woman by name.

The horrified workers heard moaning noises down the phone, said Richard Bendall, prosecuting at Isleworth Crown Court.

When police were informed another innocent Harrods employee initially came under suspicion. Then they discovered some of the calls were coming from Milton Keynes.

Perez, who lives in Princes Way, had used pay-as-you-go phones, one of them belonging to a friend of his wife.

Defending him, lawyer John Oliver said his client was “acting out a sexual fantasy” and would not have approached the women.

Perez blames his behaviour on the pressure of working long hours at Harrods and the stress of marrying soon after his wife’s father died.

Mr Oliver said: “The defendant and his wife have renewed their vows since he pleaded guilty.”

Perez no longer works for Harrods and now has a new job as a pub cook, Isleworth Crown Court was told this week.