Chef went to work after killing Rachel Manning

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Murderer Shadhidul Ahmed strolled casually into work to cook curries for customers, directly after killing teenager Rachel Manning.

The father-of-five seemed “exactly as normal” and did not seem to have a care in the world, his former Indian restaurant boss has revealed.

In an exclusive interview with the Citizen, the Buckingham businessman told of his shock when police turned up ten years later to tell him Ahmed had been arrested for murder.

“They asked if he was working for us at the time and we said yes. They kept asking if he seemed in any way different in December 2000, just after the poor girl was killed.

“But there was nothing that stood out in our memory. He was normal. He cooked, he worked hard and he was polite, just like he always was. He certainly did not seem to be a murderer.”

Ahmed, 41, kept his grisly secret until 2010, when an arrest for a sexual assault prompted a surprise DNA match for the unsolved Rachel Manning case.

During that time he merged unobtrusivley into the Bangladeshi community in his home town of Bletchley, where he lived with his wife, five children and four brothers.

Walking with a slight limp from an old football injury, he worked at various Indian restaurants as a cook or waiter and joined fellow Muslims for prayers each Friday.

One acquaintance said: “Shadidul was very quiet, and always polite. Nobody would ever have guessed he was a murderer. Everybody is really shocked,” he said.

Ahmed’s wife, who was pregnant at the time of his arrest, knew nothing about his guilty secret. She is now “embarrassed, shocked and ashamed” said a source.

“She will be cared for by her family. The Ahmed brothers will make sure she and her children have money and food. That is the Bangladeshi way,” he said.