Chief exec to live on £1 a day to fight poverty

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A Woburn man is challenging himself to live on a pound a day to raise awareness of people living in extreme poverty.

Between April 29 and May 3, chief executive of Restless Development, Nik Hartley, will take part in the challenge along with thousand of others across the world.

Anti-poverty campaign Live Below the Line has been running the event for three years with the aim to eradicate poverty.

Nik said: “1.4 billion people live on less than £1 every day for their life for everything, so five days for all my food and drink is just a token to try to help raise awareness and funds for this totally avoidable blight on our planet.

“I want to do this for the IF campaign of which Restless Development are a proud leading member.

“It will be the week leading up to the birth of our first baby, so it may turn out to be tough.”

Restless Development is a youth-led development agency which helps young people make responsible choices about their health and livelihoods.

Nik is now hoping other people in the city will take on the challenge.

Restless Development’s events and individual giving intern, Heidi Chan, added: “Everyone we have spoken to that has got involved has said how eye opening it is, and even though it doesn’t capture what it is actually like living like that it still connects you with the issue.

“It makes you reflect on your daily life and by getting involved it will make it easier for you to support the cause by either sponsoring Nik or having a go yourself.”

People can register to take part at or sponsor Nik’s efforts through