Child asthma problem in MK

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The number of children suffering from serious asthma in Milton Keynes is causing concern to doctors, the Citizen can reveal.

The city has a higher than national average rate of youngsters admitted as emergencies to hospital with asthma attacks.

Nationally one in every 11 children suffers with the condition to some degree.

But in Milton Keynes, a child is seven per cent more likely to have an attack serious enough to be rushed to hospital, the newly-published National Review of Asthma Deaths has revealed.

Now city GPs have joined forces to undergo new training about diagnosing, treating and controlling childhood asthma.

The review report concludes half of all deaths from asthma were “unnecessary”,.

And it showed that in almost all the fatal cases the patient did not have a Personalised Asthma Action Plan.

GPs have now been encouraged to produce such plans. They were also told correct inhaler techniques, which should be checked at every appointment.

The training was chaired by Olney GP Jon Walter, who said: “Keeping children with asthma well is rightly a big concern for parents.”