Children campaign to save their park

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TWO 10-year-old girls are organising a petition to save their vandalised playground in Shenley Church End.

Victoria Mann and Kubra Ridgeway, who both attend nearby Loughton School, often go to the park on the way home with their parents, along with many other children.

They have noticed that over the last few years the park, which is located behind Glastonbury Thorn School, Shenley Church End, has had serious problems with littering and vandalism.

In a letter addressed to the Citizen the girls stated that they have all tried to keep the park a ‘happy and safe place for everybody to visit.’

Victoria’s mum, Audra, said: “We have reported a number of problems at the park including screws sticking out from play equipment, glass in and around the park and fences being pulled up.

“A lot of parents with children from a number of different schools use the park so this affects an awful lot of people.”

“I am so proud of both girls as are Kubra’s parents.

“They have shown a huge amount of initiative by getting this petition started and have worked so hard to get as many people involved as possible, even though they’re currently preparing for their Sats exams.”

The girls have been out around their local area trying to get as many signatures as possible and already they have clocked up around 30 names and addresses so they can get the park a much needed revamp.

Audra said: “The girls have set out their own plans and have put a lot of thought into it.

“They are looking to update the equipment and replace the wood chipped base with tarmac.

“It is so impressive considering their age and what they are studying for at school at the moment. They are both just incredible.”

The next step for the girls will come when they present their completed petition to Milton Keynes Council which they will look to do in the next month.