Children celebrated at free event


YOUNG people are our future.

That will be the message that is proudly displayed at a free event at the Jury’s Inn on Monday that will be teaching children a number of great new skills.

Organisers are hoping to attract around 500 young people and their families to the event that will see children given the chance to take on a number of great activities, all for free.

Workshops will include dance, life skills, singing, a personal safety demo, a Children in Need mini auction, and demonstrations in singing and dancing.

The event is hoping to raise the importance of developing confidence and understanding positive body language and communication skills while also having fun.

The ‘Young People are our Future’ event will celebrate the wonderful opportunities young people have in Milton Keynes to become the best they can be.

Event organisers, Gary Payne and Michelle Crook, said: “There is a huge amount of evidence today to suggest that young people are not being taught the correct life skills to provide them with the opportunity to become the best they can be.

“We have a growing number of young people who struggle to comprehend the difference between right and wrong and do not have the right core values to become respectable members of their communities.

“We have got to the point where young people who have and continue to cause massive problems locally are being rewarded by initiatives that take them out of school to participate in activities that include motorcross, sporting adventures etc.

“Surely these rewards should be allocated to those young people that work hard and contribute positively to the community.”

The free event kicks off on Monday, November 14 at Jury’s Inn, starting at 4pm.

Local groups who provide valuable services to young people will also be on hand offering help and advice to people free of charge.

The Government’s Big Society concept is about bringing every member of the community together to benefit the lives of local people. The riots may have given young people a bad name but this event is looking to demonstrate that practical and effective life skills training can be fun, engaging and keep young people out of trouble.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved, whether you are a school, community group or business then email Gary Payne on or call 07725 481769.