Children invited to Pets at Home half-term workshops

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Children in Milton Keynes have the chance to learn how to keep pets safe during the autumn and winter months by taking part in a series of free workshops at Pets at Home this half term.

The Kids’ Holiday Pet Club workshops will take place throughout the school break and teach children how to keep pets safe and warm as the darker nights draw in.

Children will be taken through the daily steps to keeping outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs warm and well fed during colder weather. They will also learn how to help dogs and cats stay safe whilst out and about in the dark.

Store Manager Kerrie Beckett said: “We’ve put together a fun-filled set of activities to provide children with a hands-on approach to pet care, which promotes responsible ownership.

“The October half term workshops are a great opportunity to talk to children about how the changing seasons can affect pets and the best way to care for them during autumn and winter.

“Most of us here at Pets at Home own a pet so we can empathise with the everyday joys and challenges being a pet owner brings. We’re encouraging children to come armed with lots of questions, which we’ll happily answer.”

To find out when the workshops will be taking place or to enquire about educational workshops, simply contact your local store for more details.