‘Children’s lives are in danger’: Residents form car blockade to stop school run

The car blockade that protesting residents admit could pose a danger for school pupils
The car blockade that protesting residents admit could pose a danger for school pupils

Children’s lives are being put in danger in one of the craziest school parking protests the city has ever seen, it has been claimed.

Disgruntled residents in a Bletchley cul de sac are forming blockades with cars to hinder parents dropping off pupils at the Premier Academy primary school.

They move their own cars off their driveways at 7.30am to parking them along both sides of Saffron Street.

“They are creating a danger and disturbance. It is not a safe situation for young pupils,” said headteacher Warren Harrison.

Police were called this week after allegations that residents had been abusive. They have now been warned to stay in their houses during any further protests.

Peter Kuling, chair of Water Eaton Residents Association, said: “We know it’s not safe, but if we were not parking on our road, the parents would be.

“We’re just desperate to get some peace and be able to reach our homes during school run times. We want double yellow lines across one side of the street,” he said.

The blockade protests will be held on a “regular” basis, he vowed.

Meanwhile the 570-pupil school has just won a lengthy planning appeal to build a special ‘drop off’ road through its grounds, exiting onto Drayton Road.

Ironically the objectors were the Water Eaton residents, who say Drayton Road is too busy to cope.

Mr Harrison said: “We have bent over backwards to find solutions. We have even staggered our start time to between 7.30am and 9am, and we run a breakfast club for children coming in early.

“It just seems that nothing will make these residents happy.”

The Academy was built in 1953 as a small school for ‘railway children’ – the offspring of Bletchley rail workers.

It is now one of the most popular schools in the area. This month it had 180 applications for 90 spaces.