Chris is back on his bike

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A cycling fanatic has been given a new lease of life after recovering from a severe spinal twist which could have been fatal.

Christopher Holmes, 26, thought the problem was a curvature of the spine but was later diagnosed with Hyper-kyphosis – a condition which could have caused his spine to fuse from top to bottom.

After being on the NHS waiting list for months awaiting surgery he discovered Scoliosis SOS and within weeks of enrolling on a four-week therapy course noticed the pain had decreased.

Then, weeks following treatment, and confident the the condition was under control, he got back on his bike.

He said: “I just feel so relieved; there are not any words to describe how grateful I am to the SOS team. I no longer look like I am tilted forward and likely to fall over at any point.

“I have recovered my social life and I am back on my bike and feeling stronger than ever.”