Chris T-T’s lullaby for Jeremy Clarkson

Chris T-T
Chris T-T

WHEN he began making impact on the music scene, Chris T-T was famed for his sarcastic, city-obsessed urban folk.

But that was a long time ago.

In 2012, Chris T-T is a singer-songwriter who transcends barriers and genres, and has an extensive body of work, including eight albums, to his name.

Now, the Brighton-London dweller is back on the road and returning to these parts, thanks to astute booking by Andozka Promotions, who have signed him up to play at The Watershed in Newport Pagnell, this Sunday evening.

The date is part of T-Ts Sings Jeremy Clarkson to Sleep Tour, and the new EP, The Taking of Clarkson’s Lighthouse.

The show will be used to preview songs from his forthcoming album Content Dictates Form, and fans of passionate songwriters won’t want to miss this set by the man described as an ‘outstanding, indispensable genius.

‘A modern day Blake.’

The prolific poet is also an artist, and aside from his paintings, tweets pictures of the toilets he visits, while out and about.

Some might think it weird, but Chris ain’t about to get bogged down with all that nonsense...

Support on Sunday is coming from London-based She Makes War, who has played bass for Tricky and also works as a filmmaker.

She is promoting her newbie long-player Little Battles.

The Nameless Three will also pop up on the billing.

Tickets are a fiver in advance for the 18+ show, from 5pm.

It’ll be a winner...

> DEADICATE Promotions are working tirelessly for you alterative-fans in the do your bit and support ‘em, won’t you?

The Atrocity Exhibit are intense and immense, and this evening they will give The Slug & Lettuce a heavy work out with their grindcore and sludge-led riot.

An album is begging for your attentions too – check Damned and Blasted when you’ve a moment.

Tickets for the over 18s gig are £3.