Christian charity offers forgiveness to arson attackers in Milton Keynes

A Christian charity that has been victim of a three-year arson and vandalism campaign has sent a message of forgiveness to its attackers.

Two fires in the past three weeks saw a coop set alight while 26 chickens were inside and a polytunnel worth £1,500 burnt to the ground at Urb Farm in Wolverton.

Florie Bryant pictured next to the destruction wreaked by arsonists last week

Florie Bryant pictured next to the destruction wreaked by arsonists last week

Staff have called police more than 40 times in three years to report scarecrows set on fire, smashed greenhouses stolen chickens, taps being turned on and destroyed fruit and vegetables.

Florie Bryant, team leader for the Growing People project, which offers horticultural training to disabled children between 13 and 19 years old.

She said: “It’s really heartbreaking to see all the damage and it’s hurtful when we have so many volunteers here trying to help.

“Some of the trainees have mental health issues or learning difficulties so they can’t understand why someone would do this – and we can’t explain it either.

No Caption ABCDE PNL-140907-181339001

No Caption ABCDE PNL-140907-181339001

“I would actually really like to help them because that’s what we do here, we get young people back on the right track.

“A lot of the time, people don’t realise the impact their actions are having on people – so by showing them it helps.

“I would love to be able to welcome them here and teach them that there are other ways of doing things other than destroying our hard work.”

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses after Thursday’s latest attack on the project, which is run by MK Christian Foundation.

Florie added: “We have to just keep positive and all the support from everyone has really helped.”

Call police on 101.