As Christmas party season approaches police launch #SafeHomeTonight campaign for revellers

Against a national backdrop of rising violent crime, Thames Valley Police has launched a campaign setting out steps to reduce the chance of becoming a victim on a night out.

Tuesday, 15th November 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:00 pm
080552_DRINKSAFE (VT) 15/2/08 Operation Drink Safe continues to curb alcohol-fuelled violence and revellers are safer as the visit the many pubs and clubs in the area around Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, where there is high visibilty policing at the weekends and efficient door stewarding in operation. PICTURE: MICHAEL SCADDAN (080552-) ENGPPP00120120903140540

With seven simple tips, delivered in short video clips by groups from across the Thames Valley, the police’s campaign aims to help people arrive #SafeHomeTonight.

The seven tips are:

* Stay with your mates;

* Plan your journey home;

* Keep your valuables safe;

* Know your limits;

* Don’t make tonight the night you regret - don’t accept drinks from strangers;

* Don’t let happy hour turn into a nightmare - don’t buy that extra drink for someone who is drunk;

* Step back and call for help - if you see a fight

Det Supt Paul Hayles Head of Force CID, said: “Our campaign flags the simple steps people can take to have a good night out. It’s too easy to see a fun evening slide into something that no one is enjoying.

“By planning a journey home in advance, looking after valuables, sticking with friends, being aware of alcohol limits and stepping back to call for help, rather than getting drawn into a situation, the number of incidents can be greatly reduced. Action will also reduce the chance of becoming an offender by getting involved in an incident that may flare up on an evening out.”

There are many more helpful tips available as part of our crime prevention information on keeping safe on a night out. campaign will also highlight the work of the Force and its partners. This includes working with licensed premises and any matters relating to the Licensing Act 2003, the Pubwatch scheme working for a safer drinking environment in all licensed premises, Street Pastors and their work to make streets safer and other local initiatives developed to meet specific local needs.