Church hall plans for Creed Street Theatre

Creed Street Theatre, Wolverton.
Creed Street Theatre, Wolverton.

A building owned by a charity on the verge of insolvency has been sold in order to pay off its debts.

Creed Street Theatre and Arts Centre in Wolverton shut down just before Christmas due to financial problems with the trustees choosing to sell up to secure the charity’s future.

The decision sparked outrage in Wolverton, as many worried the building would no longer be used for the community – but there is good news.

Senior pastors of King’s Church in Milton Keynes, Andy and Shaaron Forbes, are in the process of buying the centre so it can be used as a permanent home for the community groups they run, which include youth groups, mother and toddler meetings and as a place for pensioners to get together for coffee and cakes.

Mr Forbes, who is restoring Wesley’s Old Methodist Church next door to the Creed centre, said: “I am made up. We could not be more excited about it. We are just starting out on the journey and figuring it all out.

“We pay a large sum of rental to run our activities from schools, so we thought if we buy this centre we can run seven days a week and play a six-string guitar, rather than one-string; we’ll be able to provide a wide use for the community centre.”

Denise Davis-Boreham, treasurer of Creed since March 2013, says the charity will continue without a base with plans to provide young people with grants to continue their charitable objectives.

Denise said: “It’s an awful scenario when a charity gets into financial difficulties. It is no one’s fault, it just happened. But now the charity will be able to keep going and the facility can continue to be used for the community that really needs it.

“It is the best outcome that could have happened.”