Church helps children smile at Christmas

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SOME of the city’s most vulnerable children will smile this Christmas thanks to a local family church.

Kings Court Chapel, a community church in Milton Keynes which aims to touch lives and change destinies, has indeed touched the lives of vulnerable children being cared for by Milton Keynes Council.

Members of the church raised funds through its yearly ‘Blessed to be Blessed’ (B2B) project and used the proceeds to buy various toys for children.

Ahead of Christmas Day, the church presented these gifts to Milton Keynes Council.

Speaking afterwards, Sola Ewedemi, Minister-in-charge, said: “As a church, we realise that we have been blessed in order to bring joy to other people.”

“We couldn’t think of a more opportune time in which to do this than at Christmas when we remember how the saviour, Jesus Christ, was born this season to guarantee our happiness,” he added.

Milton Keynes South MP, Iain Stewart joined members of the church to make this presentation.

Mr Stewart said: “This show of kindness from Kings Court Chapel is really heart-warming. I am sure that there’ll be squeals of delight from the children who receive these toys on Christmas Day.”