Citikat: From friendly Tess to playful Purdy – these cats need a good home

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HERE is our latest selection of Citikats looking for a new home.

Anybody interested in adopting should call the RSPCA on 01908 611179.

TESS is not much more than a kitten herself yet her previous owner let her get pregnant and then decided they didn’t want her any more. She reared a lovely litter of kittens, which have all been rehomed, leaving her behind. She loves people, She’s great with other cats and even likes dogs. What more could anyone want? She’s a lovely, playful young lady who will make a great addition to some lucky person’s family.

BILLY BOY is about five months old. He’s yet another kitten who was no doubt great fun when he was tiny but sadly, as so often happens, as he grew the children got bored with him so he finds himself in need of a new home. He is still a very lively and playful little boy who should do well in a family home. It would be great to get him a nice new family in time for Christmas.

KITKAT is a volunteer favourite. Unwanted by his previous owner because of the allergy excuse, this playful and handsome young cat has found himself in need of a new home. He seems to be happy around other cats and he certainly loves people. He’ll need lots of toys as playing is his favourite pastime. Why not take this boy home today and let him have a perfect end to a rotten year.

FELIX has no idea how he finished up homeless. Maybe he got lost, maybe someone threw him out? Either way, this boy – who has been a stray for some time – has now been given a second chance in life. He’s so grateful to have a warm bed and a ready supply of food but something is still missing in this friendly boys life – a family to share the rest of his life with. He’s only a couple of years old so is still active and playful and will make a great family pet.

MADNESS may seem an odd name for a cat, but if ever a name suited a cat then this is it. He came in with his sister and we’d love them to find a new home together. They love nothing more than to charge around chasing each other. Just make sure there are no precious ornaments in their way. They are less than a year old and will provide hours of entertainment to their new family.

PURDY was brought to our door by her owner who just couldn’t cope with her any more. She’s a kitten, kittens play, it’s what they do. Don’t get a kitten if you don’t want a bundle of fun running round playing with everything that moves. Purdy is about five months old, she has a beautiful nature and dearly wants to get out of a pen and into a new home. Whoever takes her won’t regret it.