Citikat: Give a cat a home

Ivy the rabbit
Ivy the rabbit

LAST week’s Citikat was a huge success with every one of the animals featured finding the perfect new home.

Anyone wanting to adopt any of this week’s selection should contact the RSPCA on 01908 611179.

> JOJO was traumatised after her owner died. But she is now purring again and ready to learn to love another owner. She dislikes dogs.

> IVY is a mini lop-eared rabbit who, for medical reasons, cannot be spayed. She needs a home on her own or with a neutered male.

> BLACKIE came from the same home as JOJO (above). The pair would appreciate being rehomed together or with other cats.

> SILVIE is a beautiful black female who was found wounded. She has now healed and is a laid back and very friendly cat.

> ALBERT and ANGELA’s owner kept them permanently in small cat carriers. They now need space and lots of love.