Citikat: Give a moggie a home...

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EVERY week we give readers a chance to adopt one of the many homeless cats abandoned or lost in Milton Keynes.

To adopt any of this week’s Citikats call 01908 611179.

IVOR is a little bewildered. He spent the first 10 years of his life living in squalor having to fight with dozens of other cats for food and affection. He is, however, getting better all the time and all he needs is someone with a big heart and the patience to bring him on even further. He’ll make a wonderful companion once he knows what true kitty love is.

HAYLEY was happily living in a nice warm house one minute then found herself chucked out on the streets to fend for herself the next. Luckily she was clever enough to find someone who looked after her until we could take her in. Now this two-year-old lady is ready to start life with a new family that will look after her in the way she deserves. At least she won’t have to live rough from now on.

GINNY and TIGGY were signed over to the RSPCA when they became poorly and their previous owners no longer wanted them. No wonder they look so worried and scared. But at least they have each other and hopefully these two seven-year-old sisters have a much brighter future ahead of them. They are in good health now and need a new home together.

BRONWIN came in because of the allergy excuse. Sadly her previous owners were unwilling to try the various options available – they just decided it was easier to get rid of the cat they’d had since a kitten. Bronwin was petrified on arrival but now she’s settled down and is much happier. She even likes other cats which is always a bonus. Give her a comfy bed by a radiator and she’ll be eternally grateful to you.

JEFFERSON came in with IVOR from a cat hoarder. On arrival he was weak and emaciated and generally in a very poor state. It’s amazing what a bit of good food and lots of love can do though. His body condition has improved dramatically and he’s such a happy cat now. All he needs is somebody to take him home and spoil him rotten. He has so much love to give and someone is going to be very lucky to have this boy in their life.

DUFFY is happy to display her belly to the world. She likes nothing more than a tummy tickle. In fact this young girl just demands attention from everyone she meets. She’s good with other cats and she will fit really well into a family home. She’s looking forward to getting lots of treats from some new friends this Christmas. Let’s make her wish come true.