Citikat: Give an abandoned cat a home this Christmas

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DO you have room in your home and heart for a cat who is deperate for a home?

That’s the plea from the city branch of the RSPCA, whose volunteers are struggling with a deluge of abandoned and unwanted cats.

Each week in our Citikat feature we will show a selection of the most deserving cats and kittens up for adoption.

Aynbody interested should call 01908 611179 for details.

BUMBLE had a home once. Maybe if his owners had bothered to neuter him he wouldn’t have strayed off. They’d put a collar on him, a nice cheap one that didn’t snap off when he managed to get his leg through it. As a result he was found with a nasty collar wound that was badly infected. It took a skin graft to repair the damage. It’s all healed up now and this big boy needs a new home. He really doesn’t like other cats at all so will need a home on his own.

CADENCE is a beautiful young lady who just flops on her back in front of you. She absolutely adores people and just wants to be loved. Her previous owner moved away and forgot to take her with them. She waited patiently for them to return but they never did. It’s their loss though as she is going to make someone a fantastic pet.

MOLLY and CINDY are two fourteen week old, playful kittens. To them life is one big adventure and they just want to run around, chase each other and play with lots of lovely toys. We’d like them to go to a new home together. Whoever takes them in will be thoroughly entertained by their antics.

TESS was found abandoned in her carrier. It’s hard to get your head around the reasons someone would want to do this. One minute she thought she was safe in a home, the next she finds herself surrounded by strangers in a place she does not recognise. She is a little shy at first but will soon settle in a caring new home. She deserves a much better one than the one she had before.

PUMPKIN was found as a stray over Halloween. He had a nasty eye infection which has now cleared up and he’s been neutered. He’s a big boy who can be a little worried at first but as soon as he realises you’re his friend he can’t get enough attention! He’s probably been living rough for a while. Can you offer him a nice warm house to live in from now on?

PORSHA is just cuteness personified. This little bundle of fur is now 10 weeks old and is ready to leave her mum and her littermates. She’s a friendly, playful little girl who is going to steal someone’s heart very soon. Snap her up while she’s still available - she won’t be with us for very long.