Citikat: Re-home a cat for Christmas

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HAVE you got space in your home for a Citkat this Christmas? The RSPCA is re-homing until Christmas Eve and would welcome calls from would-be adopters on 01908 611179.

FRED turned up as a stray at the house of one of our fosterers. This intelligent lad must have known he’d find a nice warm bed there and a good meal. Unfortunately though he doesn’t get on with the existing residents too well; he seems to think he can just move in and take over. He’s a super friendly young boy but he does need a home as an only cat.

Everybody who meets ARTHUR is bowled over by his charming personality. He’d been living rough for some time and really was not coping well with what life was throwing at him. His lucky day came when he was collected, given a nice warm bed and all the food a cat could possibly want. Now, to make things complete, he’d love a new home in time for Christmas where he can chill out and watch the telly with a lovely new family.

JARAD certainly didn’t ask to be dumped along with his littermates when he was poorly, but that’s exactly what some heartless person did to him. He was full of cat flu when found and it was touch and go as to whether he’d survive. But survive he did, and he’s now doing well. He has a few issues left over from his illness but nothing so serious as to stop him charging around and enjoying life to the full.

LUCAS was found dumped in a car park by a wooded area. This happened during the summer on an extremely hot day when he was just a tiny kitten. Luckily the RSPCA were called by a member of the public. The Animal Collection Officer was horrified to find the little fella collapsed and close to death. An emergency dash to the vets and some intensive treatment worked. He’s a shy little boy until he knows you but he is going to make some lucky person a great companion.

LULU was left in an empty house with a litter of newborn kittens. It’s hard to imagine what sort of person could do that to their pet. Her kittens all grew up fit and healthy and have been rehomed, now it’s her turn. She’s young, playful, friendly – what more could anyone ask for? Let’s give her the Christmas present she deserves – a loving new home.

Who can possibly not love a cat that throws herself on her back when you approach her? SANDY is young, friendly and she even likes other cats. She originally came in with kittens but they’ve all been re-homed leaving her behind. This happy little lady will make a family very happy when they take her home.