Citikat: Your chance to adopt a cat

Titch needs a home
Titch needs a home

TEN big-hearted city people each adopted a homeless cat or rabbit from the RSPCA last week.

All the animals are now settling happily into their new homes.

Now the cats and rabbits left at the cattery or in RSPCA foster homes are hoping they too will get lucky.

If you can help call 01908 611179.

> MIKEY is a large black and white male who only has one eye due to a previous injury. Unwanted by his owner, his is a friendly, mild-tempered four-year-old who is desperate for a home of his own.

> SCHRODINGER is a beautiful long-haired three-year-old who loves a good fuss and is very friendly. He can be territorial so would need to be the only cat in an adoring household.

> RUBY is a nine-month-old lionhead rabbit who is head over heels in love with JAZZ, an older lionhead cross.

Both have been neutered and need for a home without children.

> CILLA, unwanted and abandoned after her second litter of kittens, is a comfort eater because of the distress she has suffered. Now rather large, she needs a controlled diet and exercise.

> TITCH is a Netherland dwarf neutered male who is looking for a forever home. He loves his food, particularly carrots.