Citizen helps Food Bank raise £100k

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Citizen readers have helped the Milton Keynes Food Bank raise more than £100,000 during its 12 months as the paper’s charity of the year.

The charity estimated that thanks to support generated by the Citizen around £42,000 has been collected in terms of food donations and a further £66,969 in terms of financial support.

The support the Food Bank has received has prompted a desperate appeal for increased warehouse space to accommodate the extra donations.

John Marshall, Food Bank project manager, said: “The Citizen has played a large part in our success over the last year by adding to our profile.

“As a result of the coverage we have got people have helped us but that support has been sustained. People now have greater awareness of what it is we do and we have regular collections at a number of supermarkets and various other places.”

Last summer the Citizen featured a story with a picture of empty shelves, along with a desperate appeal for extra supplies.

John said: “The picture was really emotive and people responded really well. In general the response to the Citizen articles has been incredible and the readers deserve huge thanks as well.”

On Tuesday morning Food Bank staff helped to collect Easter eggs for the charity and had the chance to move them around thanks to a new, electric powered ‘Green Van’ that was donated by one of the charity’s volunteers, Michael Sheppard.