Citizen helps shut down ‘legal high’ shop after schoolboy almost dies

Citizen helps shut down 'legal high' shop after schoolboy almost dies
Citizen helps shut down 'legal high' shop after schoolboy almost dies

A shop selling ‘legal high’ drugs is to be closed down – thanks to the Citizen – after a schoolboy customer almost died.

The 17-year-old bought the £10 sachets of powders from the controversial Jazz H Smoking shop in Wolverton.

Shortly after taking them he lost consciousness and spent hours in a coma, wired up to hospital machines to help him breathe.

Now a Citizen special investigation has prompted the shop’s public-spirited landlord to take action and force the place to shut.

He has served notice on the owner, known as Jazz, to quit the Stratford Road premises within weeks.

However Jazz, who used to trade from the Agroa market, is still defending his sales.

He told the Citizen: “I have done nothing illegal. I buy the stuff off the Internet and re-sell it.”

He added: “I never sell to young people – my customers must be over 22 years old.”

When asked if the products where dangerous, Jazz said: “Alcohol is dangerous, smoking is dangerous. Everything is dangerous if you do it too much.”

Currently police are powerless to stop people selling the drugs, even though they caused the deaths of 67 people in the UK last year.

But the government’s new Psychoactive Substances Bill is due to come into effect in 2016, outlawing all legal high potions and enforcing up to seven years’ imprisonment for dealers

The Citizen this week traced the landlord of the Stratford Road legal high store - and he immediately agreed to take action.

He said the official tenants were the Euro Halal butchers next door, but they partitioned off a section to sublet to Jazz H.

“I was not aware that this sub tenant was selling such products. As a responsible landlord I cannot allow anything that could be dangerous to be sold from my premises. He will be given notice to leave,” he promised.

“It is the least I can do to keep the area safe.”

Meanwhile the mother of the coma boy has warned others to beware of legal highs.

She said: “Watching my son’s lifeless body was the worst few hours of my life. Had he not been found he would more than likely have died.

She added: “Just because the substance is legal it does not make it safe. I want to make everybody aware of the horrors that this shop is selling.”