Citizen investigation: What happened to Michael Walsh?

Grave Exhumation at Fenny Stratford Cemetery
Grave Exhumation at Fenny Stratford Cemetery

THE last recorded whereabouts of Michael Walsh show him leaving Milton Keynes Police Station on Christmas Day 1985.

It was almost a year later when the lower half of his body was found in the River Great Ouse at Olney.

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Unidentifiable at the time the remains were buried in an unmarked grave in Fenny Stratford. It was only in March this year, following an exhumation by Thames Valley Police, that the body was identified as belonging to Mr Walsh, known to family members as Mikeen.

An inquest on Tuesday, July 9 recorded an open verdict, but family members were left with more questions than answers.

The police have reported that documents relating to Mikeen’s arrests by Milton Keynes Police on December 24, 1985 for breach of the peace and the following morning for criminal damage relating to alleged damage to his cell cannot be found.

Without these custody records it has been impossible to piece together Mikeen’s last moments.

Working with his family, Milton Keynes Citizen is trying to find the truth of what happened to Michael Walsh in 1985.

Anyone with any information on the case should contact

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