Citkat: From chatty Merlin to affectionate Irene – adopt our abandoned kitties

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DO you have room in your home and heart for a cat who is deperate for a home?

That’s the plea from the city branch of the RSPCA, whose volunteers are struggling with a deluge of abandoned and unwanted cats.

Each week in our Citikat feature we will show a selection of the most deserving cats and kittens up for adoption.

Anybody interested should call 01908 611179 for details.

If you want a cat with whom you can have a running conversation then MERLIN is the boy for you. This handsome young man was found as a stray with a horrible wound on his leg that had got badly infected. Despite being prodded and poked by the vets he maintained his friendly character throughout. He’s all healed up now and is ready to go to his new home. He’s not keen on noisy children so a family with either no children or older ones would be perfect.

TOM is a volunteer favourite. This big tabby boy was living rough on an industrial estate. A volunteer had gone out to trap some kittens and a mother cat that had been seen and while she was there this big chap came over to say hello too. We think he was fed up of living rough and wanted a nice warm bed and some regular food. He’s a friendly boy and gets on with other cats. Let’s get him a home before Christmas!

Can you imagine what it would be like sharing a house with over 80 other cats? Doesn’t bare thinking about does it? Well, that’s exactly what poor GWYNNIE had to do for the first year of her life. Despite this she’s a friendly, loving cat who is now fit and healthy enough to start her new life. She’d do well with another cat or two as company as she’s not used to being on her own. Please show her what a proper, loving home is.

IRENE also came from the house of over 80 cats. She’s an older cat – probably about 10 years old – but she still deserves a much better place in which to spend her twilight years. She’s really affectionate and will make someone a great companion. Give her some food and she’ll be your best friend forever. Please don’t overlook her because she’s that little bit older, she still deserves a chance.

ARCHIE and SIDNEY are brother and sister. These two 14 week old siblings need a new home together with plenty of toys and room to run around and play to their hearts content. They will fit in well in a family environment and will provide hours of entertainment for their new owners.

You’d have to be a pretty callous individual to dump a pregnant cat near to the motorway. That’s exactly was some cruel person did to poor HANNAH. She was days away from giving birth when the RSPCA took her in. She reared a beautiful litter of kittens which have all found new homes. Now it’s her turn. She’s good with people and other cats. Please show her not all humans are like the ones that left her that day, take her in and spoil her rotten!