City cat protection group warns of dangers of antifreeze

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PETS could be at serious risk from antifreeze and rock salt during the current cold spell.

That is the warning from Milton Keynes and District Cats Protection who say antifreeze and screen wash contain Ethylene Glycol (EG) which makes them attractive to pets because it tastes sweet, but it is highly toxic, especially to cats, and even a small amount can cause a painful death.

Rock salt is included in the grit used to de-ice the roads and is also toxic to pets. They get it on their paws when they walk on gritted roads then ingest it when they groom themselves, so owners are advised to wash their pet’s paws when it comes indoors.

Marie Gillin, Branch Coordinator. said: “We’ve already had the distressing news that one of our members has lost a much loved cat to poisoning by antifreeze. If you suspect your cat has been poisoned get them straight to the vet because every moment counts. We urge everyone to sign the petition for putting a bitter additive in antifreeze to deter pets from tasting it.”

Signs of poisoning include vomiting, appearing drunk, lethargy, increased drinking and urination, difficulty breathing and fits.

The petition asking for a bittering agent to be added to all antifreezes to make them unpalatable to animals can be found on the Government’s website.
For more information about how to care for cats and the work of Cats Protection’s Milton Keynes & District branch visit the website or social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.