City company plays royal role


CELEBRATING the Queen’s Jubilee with flags, bunting and balloons was fun, but spare a thought for the people who design, manufacture and distribute all those party essentials.

The Milton Keynes branch of party company Amscan UK played a key role in the nation’s revelry for the Royal event.

Amscan UK is based in Brudenell Drive, Brinklow, and offers party supplies for every conceivable occasion.

The company featured on the BBC Breakfast TV programme on the Friday before the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend, showcasing a wide variety of specially designed, Union Jack festooned tableware, decorations, balloons and costumes.

In the weeks leading up to the historic event, Amscan achieved some impressive Jubilee sales statistics.

They sold enough Royal bunting to stretch from Milton Keynes to Athens and back – more than 3,500 miles – and have sold 11.1 million wavy flags, enough for one in six Brits to each lay claim to one.

Additionally, they have also sold enough larger flags to cover the entire Greater London area – 400 square miles.

Their ‘Sing-A-Tune’ balloons – which play the National Anthem at the flick of a finger – gained mass television coverage after they appeared in most national newspapers after an avid monarchist opened a quirky Jubilee-themed teashop in County Durham.

At 3pm every day she asks customers to stand for the Queen and they all sing along to the balloon.

This unusual product became so popular that it was one of the must-have items for patriotic partygoers.

So, it seems many street parties festooned with themed decorations may have Amscan UK to thank for playing a part.