City deaf and disabled off to Parliament


DEAF and disabled young people are set to impress Parliament by making their mark on the 2012 Olympics.

The youngsters are part of an Inter-Action project called Campaign!, which will form an important element of the Cultural Olympiad.

They have formed their own campaign in a bid to change people’s attitudes to disability, particularly hidden disabilities such as deafness.

Called ‘Access is more important than buildings or ramps’, the project has included making a film to show members’ feelings and opinions.

The group will present this film to a panel of MPs and peers at the House of Commons this month.

Afterwards the youngsters plan to spread their message across the world by contacting their peers in international locations.

Inter-Action MK director, Sharon Paulger, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for young people in Milton Keynes to get their voices heard by people who make decisions.”

Campaign! was inspired by the values behind the Olympic and Paralympic games.

It is recognised by the London2012Inspire programme.