City fuel round-up

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CRISIS? What crisis?

Despite substantial scaremongering by the government yesterday over a potential fuel shortage, many forecourts around Milton Keynes remained relatively normal in the buildup to the weekend.

In the last hour or so, a quick drive around the city’s garages has revealed no signs of panic buying or queuing.

Bletchley Tesco and the Self Service station at Asda, have both now closed.

BP garages at Portway and one on the H6 Childs Way showed no signs of queuing, nor did the Shell garages on Grafton Street.

Shortly before 4pm the Tesco in Bletchley reported it was out of fuel, after only selling unleaded this morning but at the Tesco Extra store in Kingston it appeared to be a normal Thursday morning at the pumps.

There were longer queues at the ‘serve yourself’ Asda pumps at around 10am, but by lunchtime, lines were back to normal

However, Morrison’s had to put a member of staff on the entrance ramp to the forecourt to direct the long line to the next available pumps – though many customers commented the queues were nothing too unusual for the Westcroft station

Away from the supermarkets, there were no queues at the BP station on the A421 near Emerson Valley, while the Total station near Xscape too seemed to be fairly quiet.

If you know of any stations where fuel is at a premium give us a call on 01908 372279 or email